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DOWN TO EARTH denis piel      (The book)  
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DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (The book)
Price: US$ 150$US / 135€ / 200$A / 116£ plus postage.

DOWN TO EARTH is a celebration of all that is essential: nature and fecundity, the correlation between our bodies and the earth—growth and death.
<font color="green">DOWN TO EARTH – RETOUR A LA TERRE est une célébration de tout ce qui est essentiel : la nature et la fécondité, la corrélation entre nos corps et la terre—l’épanouissement et la mort. </font>

Available 9th November, 2016

DOWN TO EARTH is printed as a signed limited edition of ONLY 500 copies. Size: 24X30cms. 204 pages. color and B&W images. French and English text.

PRE-ORDER to secure your copy today.

Price: 150$US / 135€ / 200$A / 116£ plus postage.


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