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Strongly identified for his innovative and sensual work, his purer talent is his conceptual imagery, often working direct with clients to create unique advertising such as the pioneering fashion video that launched Donna Karan, the controversial Vogue "Fashion against Women" commercial and the legendary and much emulated "Only Wool can do it".

As witnessed in his work, denis is equally skilled with the nuances of characterization, humour, and dialogue, his " based in life" style, his signature trait.

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Love is Blind

"This is a documentary about a marriage that went wrong, and it just so happens that the bride and groom are blind. Their blindness is secondary, almost incidental ot what hapens. It intensifies the relationship, and our perception of it, but it doesn't define it, For between the ringing confidence of the vows and the husband's increasingly desperate pleas for love and understanding we see a very familiar trajectory. This is about a disabled marriage much more than it's about disability."
".....the director has a special need. denis piel a highly successful photographer whose fashion spreads and celebrity portraits for glossy magazines have earned him a considerable international reputation. He's also directed many stylish commercials for cosmetic products and fashion houses,. He lives in a world where everything is visual, elegant and excruciatingly sophisticated. Like many fashion photographers, he seems to be trying to expiate guilts by having another life, by walking away from the values of his profession.

Thus Richard Avedon seeks out subject in mental asylums, just as Lord Snowdon would film derelicts in London's doss houses. Antonioni commented on the phenomenon in " BLow Up" where his central character, a fictitous version of a David Bailey, was drawn to grim and guant subjects as far away from gloss and glamour as he could go.

But few have traveled as far as piel. By dealing with blindness, he has entirely turned his back on the world of visual experience. In his muted colours, with his static camera, in his disinclination to use the editing tricks of the fashion commercial, piel denies everything he has learnt, everything that is instinctive to this profession.......

That a fashion photographer should seek some sort of redemption in the story of a blind couple isn't surprising. What is surprising is that he has learned a new craft so quickly, that he has learnt so quickly to tell a story in a way that's antithetical to what he does for a living. Every temptation to show off, and most opportunities to make editorial comment, are denied. piel's discipline throughout is exemplary, and the minimalism of his approach makes the story all but unedurable. This is a film that you don't like watching. It's a film that you wish was over. At the same time, it's a film that you can neither excape nor forget"

Philip Adams 1994. The Australian


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Screenplay: Romance/Adventure

A couple, both Political refugees wanted by the Italian Government escape to Africa in the early seventies. There they remake their life. He becomes a mercenary for a renegade group out of South Africa. Whilst he negotiates in the wars of various African States she raises their family in a primitive African village.

It is story of extremes and of love as few people ever experience.

© denis piel inc 2005


Screenplay: Psychological Drama / Mystery

Two close friends, Daly and Brett both in their early fifties fall in love with a young actress, Gemma. Tension mounts. Brett is murdered late one night in the subway. Gemma flees unable to cope. Daly, a novelist escapes into his writing. Fact and fiction intertwine in Daly's mind. Iora, an ethnomusicologist enters Daly's life. They fall in love but Brett's death infects their happiness. Iora uses her research skills in an attempt to untangle the mystery surrounding Brett's death.

© denis piel inc 2005


Fly on the Wall
Book: Action / Adventure

FLY ON THE WALL is a biography of Max, a fashion photographer. It traces his life from the tragic loss of his bride to his involvement with the NSA, (National Security Agency) and the role it played in his life and career.
It details the events, places and people that helped make him one of the great fashion photographers of his time. It is a story of sex, beautiful people, high fashion, and limousines; luxury hotels that contrast with his life on the back roads of politically isolated countries and his double life as an agent.

He moves from the extravagance of caviar and suites at the Ritz in Paris to the simplicity of a bed of wooden boards and rice water in a small fishing villages off the coast of China.
It is the story of a man re-finding the values in his life.

© denis piel inc 2005


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